Conditions for membership

The members of the Swiss Chamber of Pension Actuaries belong to the Swiss Association of Actuaries. They are approved pension actuaries, in accordance with Art. 52d of the Federal Act on Occupational Retirement, Survivors' and Disability Pension Plans (BVG). As well as in-depth specialist knowledge of actuarial mathematics, they generally also have several years' practical experience in the field of occupational pension provision. They work mainly as advisors to pension funds under public or private law, and do so in their capacity as a partner in or senior executive at an advisory firm or as a pension fund manager.

In exercising their duties, they abide by the articles of association, professional codes of conduct and guidelines published by the Chamber independently or together with the Swiss Association of Actuaries. They provide objective and independent advice to the pension institutions for which they work.

To apply for membership

Are you interested in becoming a member? If so, fill out the document below and send it, together with your CV, to the secretary of the Chamber (address details on form).

In order to be accepted into the Swiss Chamber of Pension Actuaries, you must already be a member of the Swiss Association of Actuaries.

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Register of members

Below you will find the register of members:

Register of members 2021.08

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